Trying to find a FIAT dealer near me to handle all your parts needs? If so, you need to check out FIAT of Fresno in Fresno, CA. Our FIAT dealership has a large inventory of OEM FIAT parts in stock. Our parts team can also make sure your tires are in peak condition, and help you order new tires when the time comes. Not sure if you need new tires? Don’t panic! Our team can inspect your tires and rotate or align them if necessary.

Here are our five warning signs that your FIAT car needs new tires:

  1. Worn Tread: Worn tread is one of the most common signs that it’s time for new tires. The easiest way to spot this sign is to check to see if your tread wear indicator bar is visible.
  2. Bubbles/Cracks: Another visible sign that your tires need to be repaired or replaced is surface-level damage. Bubbles or cracks on the sidewalls of your tires are a good indicator that you need to bring your vehicle in to be inspected.
  3. Inclement Weather: Regardless of whether you park your car in a garage or outside, the weather can affect your tires. Extreme heat or cold can damage your tires and decrease their performance.
  4. Age: Tires need to be both inspected and replaced regularly. Experts recommend you get your tires inspected every few months and completely replace your tires every six years.
  5. Spare Tire: Spare tires aren’t meant to be driven around on for any real length of time. So, if you’ve had to use your spare tire recently, it’s time to replace it with a brand-new tire.

Bring your new FIAT Spider into FIAT of Fresno today to get a brand-new set of tires installed. Our dealership is in Fresno, CA. We also serve the nearby towns of Kingsburg and Clovis, CA.