It’s official – cars made by FIAT are super cool. Some recent converts to this universal truth are the editors over at Driving Today, where FIAT cars are grabbing not one, but two spots on their “10 Coolest Cars Under $35,000” list. The list’s intent is fairly straightforward – show their readers the most impressive and, well, cool cars on the market that won’t completely break the bank. FIAT of Fresno is proud to say that both of these vehicles are available for a test drive today.

The tight, compact appeal and design of the FIAT 500e caught Driving Today’s eye, and the zero-emissions, pure-electric features drove the point home. The new FIAT 500e offers a total 84-mile driving range, which can be recharged in as little as four hours when attached to a 220-volt outlet. They went on to praise the interior of the vehicle as well, lauding the seven-inch TFT instrument cluster and five-inch touchscreen with Uconnect® infotainment.

Nabbing the number two spot is the sports-oriented FIAT 124 Elaborazione Abarth. The two-seat compact sports car features a powerful 164-horsepower turbocharged engine that truly astounds. Combined with the Abarth trim level, features like the Bilstein sport suspension and mechanical slip differential provide you control of the 124 for sheer delight while driving. And of course, having the signature Abarth exhaust note coming out of the quad-tip chrome exhaust is just completely the cherry on top when you hit the gas and feel the torque spin your wheels.

What are you waiting for? Come by FIAT of Fresno today to discover the style and power of FIAT for yourself. Our friendly staff is more than happy to set you up on a test drive of a new FIAT!