No matter what your automotive needs may be, our team at FIAT of Fresno is committed to providing excellent service. We understand just how intimidating buying a new vehicle can be, and we pride ourselves on being a FIAT dealership that will walk you through every step of the process.

One of the most influential factors involved in picking out a new car is safety. We all want to feel safe while we’re behind the wheel, and fortunately, FIAT has manufactured plenty of innovative safety features into their models.

While the exact safety package you get will depend on the new FIAT model you buy, there are three incredible features that you can expect to find in almost any FIAT car. One innovative feature is ParkSense®. Parksense uses a suite of sensors to give you real-time alerts when your vehicle is getting close to an object or another car as you reverse.

Another incredible safety parking feature is ParkView®, which utilizes a high-definition backup camera and a series of guidelines to help you slide into those hard-to-reach spaces with ease. Beyond just parking, FIAT offers a responsive safety system called the Electronic Stability Control® system or ESC. ESC detects the difference between your steering input and the direction the vehicle is moving and uses smart technology to adjust the throttle and apply the brake to each wheel at once, making for seamless handling and reassured safety on the road.

You can test out all these safety features firsthand here at FIAT of Fresno. Our team will walk you through the details of each and show you what makes FIAT vehicles not just charming, but incredibly safe as well.