Here at FIAT of Fresno, we understand that what you expect out of your car changes for each stage of life, and we certainly offer a wide selection to choose from. Regardless if you’re a new college student looking for something fuel-efficient, or are hunting for a family-friendly car, we’ve got you covered at FIAT of Fresno.

If you’re starting a family, then you already understand that it’s time to trade in that sleek two-door coupe for something more family-oriented. But what does ‘family-oriented’ mean? Well, for starters, you’re going to want something that has plenty of room for your growing family and all of their friends. Between soccer games, and commuting to school, cargo and leg space are both crucial.

Second to space is fuel efficiency. Raising a family can be somewhat pricy, and you’ll want to save whatever dollar you can, wherever you can; and noting is more expensive than gas prices. Family-friendly cars are cars that save at the pump.

Beyond cargo space and fuel efficiency, safety behind the wheel probably takes the cake as highest importance. You’ll want a car that keeps both you and your family safe while out around town or on the open road.

We offer a wide selection of cars that a new parent would flip for, but the FIAT 500x, certainly leads the pack. This punchy SUV offers a fuel-sipping 25 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway. On top of that, drivers can expect more than enough room for family, friends, and cargo. And in terms of safety, the IIHS gave made the FIAT SUV their ‘Top Safety Pick.’

If you’re hoping to check out this FIAT SUV up close, our team at FIAT of Fresno can set you up with a test drive. We are a used and new car dealership that prides itself on customer satisfaction and will go above and beyond to fulfill any of your automotive needs.