At FIAT of Fresno, we are committed to sharing with our customers all the automotive knowledge we have accumulated over the years. One of the many things we’ve learned is the steps you should take to ensure your FIAT car is off-road ready. Fortunately, prepping for the trail is much simpler than it may at first seem.

There is nothing quite like taking your car off the pavement; however, before you begin trekking backroads, it is incredibly important that you ensure that your vehicle is off-road ready. Not every car is fully equipped to tackle the trail right off the lot. Off-road trails can be rigorous, and if you’re not careful, you could end up stranded in the dirt.

For starters, the right tires can make all the difference when out on the trail. Your standard tire may be designed to keep traction on pavement, but will struggle on terrains like soft sand or gravel. Standard tires are also only designed to withstand the kind of hazards to be found on a paved road. So, it is crucial that you find off-road-capable tires that can keep traction on an ever-changing terrain and can withstand the kind of obstacles found on off-roading trails.

Ground clearance is another important factor in preparing your car for off-roading. Ground clearance is the amount of space between the ground and the bottom of your car. While out in the wilderness, you’ll likely encounter obstacles that can do some serious damage to your vehicle’s undercarriage. By increasing your ground clearance, you can avoid these obstacles entirely.

If you’re hoping to take your FIAT off the pavement, the maintenance team at our FIAT dealership can help you ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle any terrain. Between new tires and increased ground clearance, our fully equipped service center will ensure that you keep moving while trekking through the great outdoors.