Here at FIAT of Fresno, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of new FIAT cars, and our team of knowledgeable staff members who are automotive enthusiasts. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with our clients, and one of the most popular topics our customers ask questions about is fuel economy.

The FIAT brand is known for their charming style and compact size. As a result, most FIAT cars receive optimal gas mileage, with popular vehicles like the 2019 FIAT 500 that achieves 28 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. That said, plenty of our customers are curious about how to boost that mpg number. Fortunately, you can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy through a combination of regular maintenance and smart driving.

For starters, you should have your car thoroughly evaluated by an automotive expert on a regular basis. Not only will this ensure the life of your car in the long term, but it also helps you avoid costly repairs down the road. Factors like poorly inflated tires, old and dirty motor oil, and cluttered air filters can all force your engine to work harder, which can dramatically hinder your car’s mpg rating.

The way you drive may also alter your gas mileage, as drivers who are heavy on the accelerator will likely see a stark drop in their overall fuel economy. By easing up on the gas and relying more on momentum to carry you forward, you can stretch your dollar, and save money at the pump.

Sometimes the best way to lessen the amount of money you spend on gas is to invest in a new vehicle. At FIAT of Fresno, we offer a wide selection of fuel-efficient new and used FIAT cars. Our team can walk you through our inventory and help you find the vehicle that checks all your automotive boxes.