Here at FIAT of Fresno, we take pride in being passionate about all things automotive. So, it only makes sense that our team of automotive professionals would be excited about the official start of National Car Care Month, and how they can help you get in on the festivities.

What is National Car Care Month? Well, every year through the month of April, drivers everywhere take the time to pay extra attention to their car’s maintenance. This maintenance can include everything from regular servicing to good detailing.

Here at our FIAT dealership, we are proud advocates of National Car Care Month, and we always encourage our customers to participate. One way you can join in is by swapping out your vehicle’s motor oil. Motor oil is an essential part of your vehicle, and without it, the integral parts of your engine would either break or struggle to function properly. To ring in National Car Care Month, you can visit our maintenance team to have your oil inspected and swapped if needed.

Tires are another simple way to join in on National Car Care Month. Your tires are just as, if not more, important than your motor oil. Tires support the weight of your vehicle and help you keep traction with the road. Fortunately, having your cars inspected and changed out is quite easy, especially with a little bit of help from us at FIAT of Fresno.

No one should go into National Car Care Month alone. When you visit FIAT of Fresno, you can rest easy knowing that you have the team of skilled automotive technicians in our FIAT service center by your side. No matter what kind of maintenance you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered at FIAT of Fresno.