At FIAT of Fresno, everything we do centers on one goal: keeping the car-buying process as simple, and even as fun, as possible. Part of that also means taking the complexity out of financing a new FIAT car. To that end, we’d like to explain why you should pre-qualify for auto financing at your Fresno FIAT dealership

It’s not as though you must pre-qualify. With that said, we strongly suggest you consider it. Granted, you can get an auto loan or lease with no credit history, or a credit rating that’s taken a few dents and dings. But wouldn’t you rather know ahead of time what that financing will cost you?

There’s another advantage to pre-qualifying. Knowing the long-term costs can help you make an informed choice. We’ll help with this, since we work with multiple lenders and can get you the best rate for which you qualify.

Pre-qualifying is easy. All you do is visit our FIAT dealer website and fill out a short form. You’ll get a rapid result that will indicate what you may qualify for and be well on the way to your new FIAT car.

Yes, we said “may.” There’s a catch here, because pre-qualification uses what’s called a “soft pull” of your credit report. In essence, we’re using the information you give us to make an educated estimate. Once you’ve entered a loan or lease, we’ll do a “hard pull” that uses information provided by the credit bureaus. 

We mentioned earlier that everything we do centers on one goal. We succeed because we also focus on one person: you. The individual attention we give our customers sets us apart. For answers to your car finance questions, why not visit us at 6150 N Blackstone Ave today?